Leaders’ Talk/Listen Ratio

It is no longer enough to learn to listen because it is a nice thing for a leader to do!


In an environment where INNOVATION is everything, leaders need to listen – taking the skill from a nice-to-have to a have-to-have if they want to stay in the game! They listen for great ideas or ideas that after some deliberation can turn out to be great. 

Beyond listening for innovation, leaders also need to listen in order to get full COMMITMENT. When we listen we take time to understand the ‘resistance’ that often occupies the back of people’s brains. We then work with them to overcome the resistance. If leaders don’t listen to understand the ‘behind the brain” stuff, they will have to put up with employee ‘compliance’ rather than ‘commitment’ to ideas/strategies.


~ by Gita Badiyan on September 6, 2013.

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