Q: What are different catagories of PRESENTING STYLES?

      What are the benefits/downfalls of each?

      Which one are you?


A: I think a presentation style has to have adaptability built into it in order to be effective.  It needs to correspond with the learner’s current level of understanding about the particular area and their desire to learn something new.  Generally, one of three approaches can be used: I call them ‘Teaching’, ‘Co-Owning’ or ‘Facilitating’.  When ‘Teaching’, the trainer essentially takes over the design and supervision of the learning process.  This can be a good thing if the learner is acquiring a completely new body of knowledge.  In ‘Co-Owning’ the trainer negotiates and collaborates with the learner and is more flexible with topics as well as methods. This is best when the learner can contribute a moderate level of expertise.  When experience and knowledge are more extensive and a desire for learning is high (or can easily be raised), using ‘Facilitating’ as an approach is best.  In this case the trainer provides a framework and a safe environment for learning to happen.  This happens to be my personal ‘default style’ as an educator since I work with adult professionals with extensive experience and usually a higher level of motivation.  All three approaches are effective if used at the right time with the right people.

Gita Badiyan

Kiva Corporate Solutions


~ by Gita Badiyan on March 30, 2013.

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